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Sustainable Winter Management

SWiM Guidelines help keep your snow, ice, & costs under control.

Measure Your Opportunity

First step in SWiM® Policy clears the path to continuous improvement.

Calibration: It’s not just for salt

It can also benefit snow operations and team management.

Prevent Defense

Managing Risk, Profits & Reputation.


Maximize Operations

Managing risk, profit & reputation.


Standard Analysis

First step in SWiM® Policy clears the path to continuous improvement.

State Of Readiness

SPECIAL EDITION: Is your snow contract predictable and repeatable?

Continuous Improvement

To get better, train, communicate, benchmark – and be willing to change.

Less Is More

Oversalting culprits waste money, and inflict damage.

Huddle Up

Building tailgate talks with purpose and thought adds training value.

Do The Right Thing

Principles of professionalism: Why they matter.


Dashing Incentives

Clients and profits encourage overuse of salt.

Snow Merry-Go-Round

Elevate success with year-round planning and execution

Ready Or Not?

The 52-week snow management planning timeline.


The True Cost of Salt

Are application practices profitable and sustainable?

Let’s Think About This  

Sustainability Part 1

What does it mean to be a sustainable business? 

Sustainability Part 2

What is the foundation of any sustainable business?

Avoiding Winter Service Failures.

When should the snow contract renewal and award process begin?


Concrete Damage

How should I respond to my clients who are insisting our company should pay to repair cracks and spalling damage on their concrete sidewalks?

Process-Led Continuous Improvements

What Can I do to stop our team from repeating the same mistakes during every snow event?


White Papers

WIT Contributors

Fleeting Temptations

Don’t stray from strategy while wearing COVID-Colored Glasses.

A Matter Of Chemistry

Key to using liquids correctly and effectively? Understanding science and refining strategy.

Down To The Surface

Surface temperature measurements are critical to ice management treatment decision-making.

Paving The Way

Growing use of permeable surface materials creates challenges, opportunities for winter operations.


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