Sustainable Winter Management
(SWiM™) Program


The SWiM™ Advantage

SWiM™ ensures that property owners, managers, contractors and public officials effectively plan for and control costs, risks, quality of service, and environmental effects managing winter storms–all season, every season. 

Read the RIT SWiM Impact Study.

SWiM™ Benefits


  • Saves Money – The SWiM™ Program has helped prevent delayed business openings and access to roads and parking, protecting revenues and controlling costs.
  • Reduces Risk – SWiM™ has helped control icy and snowy surfaces to reduce slip & fall incidents and auto accidents.
  • Protects Environment – SWiM™ Certification enables best-in-class practices to minimize the environmental impacts of road salt use.
  • Needs Assessment
  • Implementation Training
  • Program Management
  • Automated Monitoring
  • SWiM™ Certification

SWiM™ Certifications

SWiM™ certifications help site managers and public road officials to consistently follow SWiM™ guidelines, including salt application standards and industry best practices. SITE™ and ROAD™ certifications include customized cost and salt reduction (SR) targets that are consistently measured to accurately benchmark the progress of your sustainable winter management program.

SITE certification badge

SITE™ Certification verifies the necessary policies and practices are consistently being implemented by property owners and managers to achieve progressive cost savings and the salt reductions targets established for an individual site or a portfolio of sites.

ROAD certification badge

ROAD™ Certification verifies the necessary policies and practices are consistently being implemented by a public highway department to achieve the established targets for reducing road salt use and costs.

CF™ Certification verifies a property or a portfolio of properties is consistently implementing a chloride free winter management program.


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