The 2nd Annual Salt Symposium
Windham, NH, October 21, 2015

The second annual Salt Symposium continued on the tradition of recognizing people in the
snow removal business for their contributions to salt reduction and more generally, to the salt
applicator industry. The three awardees signify there is a lot of great work happening around
the state.

The awardees represent the “movers and shakers” in the salt business. Senate President Chuck
Morse joined the symposium again this year to present the three categories of the awards.
The Salt-n-Peppa Award – for the salt professional exemplifying
the best blending of stakeholders in a salt reduction stew – Dan Harris, of RealGreen Services in Meredith, NH
This award recognizes an individual who has provided outstanding
leadership in addressing salt reduction. Dan has dedicated over a
decade to planning and strategizing new ways that he can educate
local contractors and his clients about the importance of reducing
winter salt use in New Hampshire.

To help safeguard against over use, he specializes in training his customers in proper winter de-icing and anti-icing agent use and application. This year he also provided his shop as a training location for the Green
SnowPro course where 70 contractors received valuable training in salt reduction. Dan is
committed to his profession and goes the extra mile to visit schools, colleges, hospitals,
municipalities, contractors, and retailers to ensure that they are following the correct
application rates and methods. His immediate focus is the Lakes Region, the area he calls
home and cares deeply about.


The Salt of the Earth Award– for the salt professional who best
exemplifies a workingman’s approach to salt reduction – Gerry
Dubreuil, of Belknap Landscape Co.

Recognizing that attention to detail and providing outstanding
service are keys to successful winter maintenance, this award
recognizes someone who understands the value of developing and
sticking to standard practices, training staff on these practices, and
2 keeping accurate records of their work. Gerry works closely with the Snow and Ice
Management Association and NHDES to keep his entire staff current with the most up to date
training and best management practices in the snow removal industry. Before every snow
season he is sure to have all company equipment recalibrated, ensuring safe and efficient
operation, which leads to reduced salt use. Gerry has also implemented a tracking system to
monitor how much sand and salt is used by each fleet truck, trained his field supervisors to look
for and eliminate excessive salt use, and he reviews tracking reports every week to make sure
these efforts are effective. In April, 2015 Gerry and Belknap Landscape Co. were featured in the
Snow and Ice Management Association’s Snow Business magazine highlighting his efforts to use
training and certification to reduce salt application rates.

The Shaken, not Stirred Award – for the James Bond of the salt
profession, exemplifying a fearless, confident approach to salt reduction
– Phill Sexton, Director of Education and Outreach at the Snow and Ice
Management Association.

This award recognizes that it’s not easy to try something new in a highly
competitive industry where people’s safety is a direct result of your
work. Named after one of James Bond’s catch phrases, this award not
only recognizes the fearlessness and confidence of the awardee, but
also his willingness to share his knowledge with others. Phill has enjoyed an active career in the
Green and Snow Industries for over 25 years. Starting from the ground up as a laborer and
operator, Phill has served many industry roles at local, regional and national levels including;
Business Owner / Operator, Regional V.P., Corporate Director, and Partner for the world’s
largest private landscape and snow & ice management firm. He currently serves as Director of
Outreach and Chief Knowledge Officer for the Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA).
With an eye on salt use reduction and environmentally friendly industry best management
practices, he coordinates closely with NH SIMA members and NHDES to promote the benefits
of the Green SnowPro training program. Phill is an invaluable partner not only to New
Hampshire but to the nation as a rational voice for salt reduction.


For more information about NH Salt Symposiums and Salt Shaker Awards, contact Pat Woodbrey at
[email protected] or (603) 271-5329.

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