I love to shop. I love to buy clothes. I love to buy beautiful things for my friends and family.

I love to buy one-of-a-kind things for my home. You know – like at Target and Marshalls! All the pretty colors, and textures, and patterns are a magnet to the inner artist that hides within me. I want to engulf myself in pretty!

Well, I’ve learned that purchasing “the pretty” comes at a tremendous cost. It, of course, takes away from important purchases – like college savings for three kids! It also can lead to endless waste when a new purchase casts off old items to the dump.

I’ve slowly tried to change my ways by striving to purchase clothes that are timeless with classic lines and well-made structure. I aim to buy decor for our home that is also timeless and tells a story, one that I’ll never tire of hearing. One of my favorite textile artists of the 19th century is William Morris. He famously stated, “Have nothing in your house that you know not to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” He was so very progressive! Simply put: love what you have and be darn sure it has a purpose – a lasting one!

In this section of our website I’ll share with you how we’ve begun adopting a more sustainable lifestyle. I hope you’ll find something both beautiful to adopt and useful to implement in your own home.