Sustainable Winter
Management (SWiM™)

SWiM™ helps property owners, facility/property managers and snow and ice management contractors sustainably predict and control the costs, quality, environmental effects, business continuity issues and risks associated with managing winter storms and seasons. SWiM™ provides a more strategic and cost-effective salting process to reduce the harmful effects of salt while maintaining necessary standards for public safety.

SWiM™ Advantage

Mitigate Revenue Loss – Inadequate snow and ice management often leads to delayed business openings or reduced access to parking. This can lead to a significant loss in revenue during a winter storm and over a season.

Safety and Risk Management – Control snowy and icy surfaces to reduce slip-n-falls incidents and vehicular accidents.

Environmental Impact – SWiM™ certification enables best in class practices to minimize the environmental impact of chloride use.

Smart decisions in winter salt application can save organizations money and reduce the harmful impact salt has on the environment.  Contact us to learn more about our Sustainable Winter Management program and get on the road to reduce salt by up to 50%.

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