Sustainability is definitely the new catch phrase in the world of household products!

A HUGE selection of everything from sustainable household cleaners to comfy bamboo sheets is now readily available. The options are endless – and confusing! Where does one begin?

When we made the conscious decision to make more mindful choices when purchasing items for our home, we knew it wouldn’t always be perfect. Often when choosing products deemed as environmentally-safe, they may also pose a negative impact on the environment in a different way. For example, phosphate-free liquid detergent. It’s wonderful that it’s phosphate-free, but you’re still paying for a big plastic bottle that will need to be recycled (along with additional transportation costs to recycle) and the product is mostly water (heavy to transport).

You should still get a pat on the back for trying to think sustainably. Here at WIT Advisers and Hope Haven Farm, we applaud you for making better choices. This is only the beginning! As we all learn about new methods and ways to care for our homes, we will continue to make new and better choices for the health of our loved ones and the environment.

In this section of our website, we’ll share with you some of the products and methods we’ve implemented in our home. Perhaps they’ll work for you and your home! Give it a try!