Environmental Impact

Fifty years ago in the U.S. there were exposed water sources such as lakes and streams that were safe to drink from.Today all these water bodies are contaminated with various levels of chlorides and pesticides.

Current landscape management practices and the overuse of pesticides threaten our water sources. Similarly, a dramatic rise in environmental impact related to the use of deicing salts, (as well as cost) has become the “acid rain” of this era. The concepts of Ecological Landscape Management and Sustainable Winter ManagementTM* are gaining in importance as the quantity and quality of our freshwater resources become increasingly at risk.

Through development of customized training and practices for companies, municipalities and providers of landscape and winter management services, WIT Advisers delivers resources for becoming good stewards of the environment, reputation enhancement and adding bottom line value.

*Sustainable Winter Management™ is a trademark of PC Sexton WIT Companies, LLC.

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